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Manu Mosteiro - CEO of Versia

Born in Bilbao in 1957. Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Versia.

Manu has pursued his career in the ICT sector since the 80s. He is the co-founder of Panda Software.

Carlos Macías – Vice President of Versia

Born in Bilbao 1957. Co-founder and Vice President of Versia.

Our companies

Versia Infraestructuras TI

This company is oriented to commercialization: multi-brand hardware investment as well as pay-per-use. Its division of pay-per-use printing is worthy of note.

Versia Servicios Distribuidos TI

This company provides maintenance services, as well as technical assistance and general and specialized technological infrastructure solutions.

Versia Sistemas TI

VSTI is a company that offers consulting services, and designs and implements projects and integral services in the field of information and communication technologies.

Versia Contact Center

This company focuses on providing contact center services, by telephone, email, chat, social networks, etc. to both internal and external users.

Versia Procesos Operativos

This company is specialized in projects and outsourcing services of support processes for customers in order to maximize their efficiency.

Versia Digital Business

This company has expert in the digital business value chain 360º management with a customer centric focus, offering services and solutions that improve the achievement of rising revenue and customer profitability.

Versia Cyber Shield

This company offers cybersecurity services and solutions through a Threat Centric approach and driven using the specialization in cyber intelligence.

Versia Soluciones Tecnológicas

Centralizes financial, marketing, commercial and human resources services. It houses the activity of Versia Digital, a department dedicated to strategic digital transformation and business transformation.


ISO 9001

Incident assistance service for information systems users

We offer the following information systems related services: consulting projects, design, application, development, implementation and maintenance.

Purchase and distribution of computers, electronics, hardware and software.

Consulting services (studies, preparation of plans and project management) in the field of:

  • Business processes and strategy, talent management and transformation of business organizational processes.
  • Systems, applications, networks and telecommunications in information technologies.

ISO 14001

Customer service, by telephone and online, and management of queries and incidents (registration, supervision and closure).

ISO 20000-1

IT Service Management System for the following services:

  • Customer support services (installation, configuration and corrective/ preventive/evolutionary maintenance) of IT systems.
  • Data Center Services (colocation, hosting, remote backup, brs, mail service and remote monitoring) according to current service portfolio.
  • Maintenance of computer structures and equipment.
  • Administrative Data Management (High, Low, Modification and Recording)
  • Customer service, via telephone and telematics

ISO 27000

Information Systems that are supported:

  • Cloud, Hosting, Housing services
  • Design, implementation and exploitation of projects of information technology infrastructures.

UNE 15838
Customer service and technical support for users.

Versia ofrece servicios y soluciones de transformación digital. Sus servicios facilitan la implementación de la tecnología y todas sus innovaciones en las organizaciones de sus clientes para ayudarles a cumplir sus objetivos.

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