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We seek the most innovative proposals thanks to our technology watch service.

Pay-per-use equipment:

  • Expenditure forecast and control
  • Rationalization of the infrastructure: in the analysis of its implementation, a correct optimization and distribution of assets will always be proposed
  • Guarantee of technological renovation
  • Control and knowledge of the business infrastructure - inventoried assets
  • Correct change management

"Our logistical capabilities allow us to offer a totally personalized services, that are adapted to the needs of our clients: "

Flexible delivery service, adaptable to customer needs


Capability to stock according to project needs


Audits, advice and product homologation

Thanks to our needs assessment services, product recommendation and validation services, we identify and recommend adequate products that fit our client needs.



A department specialized in Comprehensive Management of Installation Projects:



Our logistic capacity allows us capillarity at a national level for the realization of installations.

Our installation services enable us to provide customization at the destination, we offer specific configuration for each user.


Location transfer services for computer equipment, either for specific needs such as transfers of offices or for full delegations.

Specially adapted personnel and vehicles carry out transfers, ensuring the safety of transferred items.


Application services or added options in the computer equipment due to technological updates.

These services usually apply to hard drives, SSD, Memory, etc.


Changes that occur in the equipment.

Change of elements due to technological updates or operating errors.

This service can be complemented with a Computer Maintenance Service.


Computer equipment removal service with its corresponding transfer to recycling points to proceed with their destruction and / or recycling.

We can provide services such as tasks of certified destruction of information, ensuring its irretrievability.


Design and image creation services for mass distribution to equipment. In Versia we have a simultaneous layout capability of 30 teams.

This service is provided by specialized technicians who participate along with clients in the creation of the corresponding model. Our participation extends both to the generation phase and to the verification and piloting of it.

Platform Laboratory

We use a Deployment Server and a Model Server. It gives us an approximate cloning capacity of 30 machines per hour.

Industrialized Processes

We ensure the entire life cycle of IT assets: provision, layout, cloning and deployment. And, therefore, we facilitate non-stop control and traceability.


Corrective maintenance

In Versia we offer an ad hoc corrective maintenance service, with SLAs adapted to the needs of each client.

In Versia we have the experience and ability to provide maintenance services for both generalist and specialist teams by sectors and / or business areas.

Weighing elements’s Maintenance and Managed Services

We are Authorized Repairman by the Ministry of Industry in compliance with the legal requirements for the handling of weighing elements or scales.
In addition, we offer a post-repair managed service for the verification of the weighing elements.

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Versia ofrece servicios y soluciones de transformación digital. Sus servicios facilitan la implementación de la tecnología y todas sus innovaciones en las organizaciones de sus clientes para ayudarles a cumplir sus objetivos.

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