It allows us to break the paradigms of business relationships, both internal and external.

Blockchain represents an unprecedented global technological disruption in the business models of current capitalism.
It is transforming “the glue of society”, i.e. trust between people, and it is turning this trust into the engine of the next evolution and innovation: we are facing the beginning of the age of the Internet of Value.
And it does so through the most advanced cryptographic technology of distributed records.

8 September 2020

Versia agiliza el tránsito de la pyme a la nube segura

1 September 2020

Versia invierte en tecnologías estratégicas para su CPD, Versia Cloud

23 March 2018

Versia colabora en el proyecto Hyperledger para la evolución de Blockchain

Versia es nuevo miembro del proyecto Hyperledger y aportará su capacidad tecnológica y su experiencia en el desarrollo de la tecnología Blockchain...

The evolution of the Internet has allowed everyday objects to be connected to the network and equipped with intelligence. This field called IoT or Internet of Things, which empowers the devices, allows them to have their own virtual identity, be connected and have the ability to interact independently in the network, between machines (M2M) or people (M2H).

IoT represents a great step forward of the technology industry since it opens a world of unimaginable possibilities. Securitization of the IoT is of the utmost importance.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within business processes allows exponentially increasing the capabilities of organizations. .

In the era of the data revolution, machine learning is everywhere: in the software of telephones, in cars or in business application software, and it helps making better decisions or improving processes of all kinds.

The potential of automation and artificial intelligence is unimaginable, machine learning is here to stay, and it is changing the world.

Cyber Security is of the utmost importance to ensure business survival.  As companies interact beyond the traditional IT frontiers, security measures are crucial. The cyberspace and its infrastructure are vulnerable to a wide range of risks derived from both physical and cyber threats.

Sophisticated cybernetic actors exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money, and they are developing capabilities to interrupt, destroy or threaten essential services.

A variety of traditional crimes are now being perpetrated in the cyberspace and it is vital to be prepared to protect networks, computers, applications and data from attacks, damage or unauthorized accesses.

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