Systems Technique

Automation and orchestration of processes, transformation of technological processes.

Modalities of services:



Managed services



Operating systems

From the Windows Systems Department we analyze, design and implement solutions in areas related to:

  • Active directory
  • Mail
  • System centralization
  • Collaborative work
  • Security

In addition, we give global support to a large number of clients, to keep them in an optimal situation and guarantee the correct functioning of their systems on a daily basis. The latter is possible thanks to a technical team formed of great professionals that have an extensive knowledge of the main manufacturers and technologies.



The virtualization team deals with the optimization of resources and the increase of the flexibility of the systems, provisioning resources according to the changing needs of the business, allowing a centralized administration of all existing resources in an efficient manner.

If a disaster happens, virtualization allows you to recover resources quickly and safely.

Our team for virtualization services is formed of great professionals that have an extensive knowledge of the main manufacturers and technologies.



Thanks to our mobility services, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology to build strategies that translate them into more agile, flexible and profitable relationships; also, the latter will ensure the integrity of the information and the continuity of the business.

Mobility solutions are sectorial solutions, but we identify common fundamental objectives, such as improving access and quality of certain information or increasing productivity thanks to the elimination of barriers.



Our Versia tools team is in charge of developing, implementing and maintaining technological solutions, which improve the management of our clients' business processes.We excel at the monitoring of systems, which allows maintaining the correct operation of them.

We possess a technical team made up of great professionals that have an extensive knowledge of main manufacturers and main technologies.



Our Communications Department is responsible for the design of connectivity solutions, perimeter security and wireless networks, according to the latest market trends; our Communications Department implements them, puts them into production, documents them and gives technical support to our customers in case of questions or post installation incidents.

  • Connectivity
  • Perimeter security
  • Wireless networks

Throughout this process, we create close communication with our customers. Simultaneously, the highest priority is given to security related aspects.

Structured cabling

We offer services for the design and execution of cabling infrastructures in all existing categories and topologies:

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Versia ofrece servicios y soluciones de transformación digital. Sus servicios facilitan la implementación de la tecnología y todas sus innovaciones en las organizaciones de sus clientes para ayudarles a cumplir sus objetivos.

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